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1st Period Comments on FTPBP #3 - 2021

Jurisdiction Position Comments

Support failure to vote should be counted as an abstension and not a  "no" vote


Oppose Maine agrees with PEI’s comments and makes the following suggestions.  The first comment period should stay at 45 days.  The longer comment period will allow jurisdictions to seek attorney input.  No votes on amendments should be taken during the open meeting.  The final ballot should be submitted to the repository x days after the close of the open meeting for vote regardless if a 2nd comment period is held.  The vote on all ballots should start at the same time so the effective dates would be the same.  This would streamline the updates to the guiding documents

Undecided R1615 lacks clarity that it is limited to Preliminary Ballot Proposals.  It seems to allow the agreement to be changed based on 3/4ths of those in attendance at an “open meeting.”  That open meeting is not necessarily the annual meeting. 
R1620 somewhat conflicts with R1615 in that R1615 allows for 3/4ths of those in attendance while R1620 refers to those that do not receive 3/4ths affirmative of total eligible member jurisdictions.
R1620.400 reads that ballots not receiving 3/4ths affirmative at the open meeting and not needing a second comment period will be voted on during the annual meeting.  It is unclear who or how the decision of a second comment period is made – unless the R1615 vote is: proceed? yes/no; and if yes a second vote of: open to comments? yes/no. 
R1620.400 appears to suggest Final Ballot Proposals will be voted on during the annual meeting.  That being the case it should be clarified that the 3/4ths affirmative votes are 3/4ths of all eligible jurisdictions, not just 3/4ths of those in attendance.  It is also worth recognizing votes at annual meetings may have fewer “Commissioners” voting than votes done electronically as there are a number of Assistant Commissioners and delegates at the annual meeting.

Support: 2
Oppose: 2
Undecided: 1