Meeting Materials Part 1

2019 Annual IFTA Business Meeting

All presentations shown are either .pdf or .pptx files

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2018 ABM Minutes - Approved at 2019 ABM
2020 Annual IFTA Business Meeting Location
Board Recognitions
Breakout - CH Data 1
Breakout - CH Data 2
Breakout - GPS - Standardization - ELD - Audit Issue
Breakout - IFTA Vehicle Specific and EVO
Breakout Notes - Clearinghouse Data Validation and Use
Breakout Notes - GPS - Standardization ELD Audit Issue
Breakout Notes - IFTA Vehicle Specific and EVOC
Bylaws Amendments
CBI 1-2018
Committee Strat Plan
Election Committee Report
Financial Presentation
FTPBP 1-2019
IFTA Strategic Plan - Key Priorities
IFTA EVOC Ballot Proposal
IFTA EVOC Ballot Explanation
IRP, Inc. Update
Pre Meeting Session
Presidents Report
Regional Breakout Notes - Canada
Regional Breakout Notes - Northeast
Regional Breakout Notes - Southeast
Regional Breakout Notes - West
Strategic Plan - SWOT Analysis
The Road Ahead - Special Presentation by R. Brewster at ATRI
Town Hall Issues