Biodiesel Information

Texas Biodiesel Information 2020

Jurisdiction:      Texas      

Year of Report:    2020      

1) Jurisdiction provides either a refund or an exemption, impose a tax rate different than diesel, or offer an incentive (i.e. producers' or income tax credit):  Yes

2) Jurisdiction offers a refund for tax paid on biodiesel for IFTA carriers:  

Effective date of the legislation:  

Brief description of the legislation:  

3) Jurisdiction offers a biodiesel tax exemption for IFTA carriers:  Yes

Effective date of the legislation:  10-01-2001

Brief description of the legislation:  The volume of biodiesel or renewable diesel is exempt from tax when the product is clearly identified on the retail pump, storage tank, and sales invoice.

4) Jurisdiction imposes a tax on biodiesel at a rate different than the tax imposed on diesel:  No

Effective date of the biodiesel tax rate:  

5) Instructions for the IFTA licensees based in your jurisdiction to report biodiesel use on the IFTA return. :  

6) Biodiesel incentive such as a producer's credit or an income tax credit:  

Effective date of the legislation:  

Type of biodiesel incentive is offered:  

7) Website that includes information regarding biodiesel:  Click Here