Code of Conduct at IFTA Events

Code of Conduct at IFTA Events
Events of members of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) community provide outstanding opportunities to foster professional development, share best practices and promote efficient and effective Agreement administration.
IFTA, Inc. strives to provide an optimal atmosphere for collegial discussion and exchange at all IFTA sponsored and co-sponsored events. IFTA, Inc. is committed to fostering a positive environment at all events, based upon trust, respect, open communications and ethical behavior. The Board of Trustees of IFTA, Inc. has adopted this Code of Conduct at IFTA Events to promote these values.
Participants in IFTA events must avoid inappropriate actions or comments based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation. IFTA event participants should interact with other event attendees in a cooperative and collegial manner and show consistent respect to other participants at all times.
Violations of this Code of Conduct should be reported promptly to a team member of IFTA, Inc. In cases of violations of this Code of Conduct Policy the Board of Trustees shall authorize such actions as may be appropriate, including but not limited to requiring participants to leave an event and precluding event attendees who have violated this Code of Conduct from attending future events.
Approved and Adopted by IFTA, Inc. Board of Trustees October 24, 2019