Meeting Materials Part 1

14th Annual IFTA / IRP Audit Workshop

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Presentation Links

Final Agenda
Fraud Document Training
Future of Transportation
Distance Calculations using Geofencing
ELVIS 2011 December US template for Carrier
GPS Demonstration
Electronic on Board Records
GPS Explanation
Surveying Electronic Systems in the Marketplace
BO: To Ping or Not to Ping
BO: Report Writing
BO: Report Writing Handout
BO: Sample and Projection Breakout
BO: Sampling and Projection
What's New in IFTA
What's New in IFTA - Clearinghouse
What's New in IRP
Auditing in the Grey Area
Auditor 101
Ballot 371
Sample and Projection
Copy of ProjTestSchs
Advanced Auditing Techniques
Sampling Procedures
Adv Audit Techniques - Bulk Fuel
MT Audit Program