About Us

About Us

IFTA, Inc.

The International Fuel Tax Association, Inc., more commonly known as IFTA, Inc., is an Arizona not-for-profit corporation formed to manage and administer the International Fuel Tax Agreement. Our Mission Statement is: "To foster trust and cooperation among the jurisdictions through efficient and effective planning and coordination and oversight of activities necessary to administer the International Fuel Tax Agreement for the betterment of the members and our partners." To accomplish the Mission Statement, IFTA, Inc.'s team works closely with our member jurisdictions and partners on a day-to-day basis.

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The Team

Meet the IFTA Team that works all the magic behind the scenes. While our team is small our results are huge!

Carmen Martorana

Executive Director/CEO
(480) 748-5764
Email: cmartorana@iftach.org

Monica Halstead

Director of Business Services and Programs
(480) 748-5648
Email: mhalstead@iftach.org

Debora Meise

Communications & Training Director
(480) 748-5763
Email: dmeise@iftach.org

Jason DeGraf

IT Manager
(480) 226-3262
Email: jdegraf@iftach.org

Tom King

Technical Development and Support
(480) 226-0981
Email: tking@iftach.org

Tammy Trinker

Events Administrator
(480) 212-3457
Email: tdtrinker@iftach.org

Maria Coronado

Program Compliance Review Facilitator
(480) 212-3439
Email: mcoronado@iftach.org

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation

for the Bylaws of the

International Fuel Tax Association, Inc.


Bylaws of the International Fuel Tax Association, Inc.

which is an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation

Strategic Plan

Authored for the IFTA, Inc. Board of Trustees

March 2019