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IFTA Events for 2024

2024 Annual IFTA Business Meeting

The 2024 Annual IFTA Business Meeting registration is now open. IFTA, Inc. Team and the Board of Trustees wish to extend an invitation to attend this year’s business meeting! We are limited to only 140 attendees for this years Annual IFTA Business Meeting.
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IFTA Subscriber

New IFTA Subscriber Program

We are very excited to offer the general public, for the first time, an opportunity to become an IFTA Subscriber. For a nominal fee of $400, this new program will allow an IFTA Subscriber access to some great features on our Website and other benefits only available to IFTA Subscribers. Some of the great benefits include access to some jurisdiction contact information, discounts on attending our Events, receipt of the IFTA Newsletter, access to Meeting Materials, Training Materials for both IFTA and IRP online classes and access to an IFTA Subscriber Message Board where you can share ideas and obtain information on best practices with other Industry people, and other valuable benefits. You can find out more information about our IFTA Subscriber program, Click Here to read all the benefits. To become an IFTA Subscriber, click on this link: Sign Up.

PLEASE NOTE: An IFTA Subscriber does NOT give you access to obtaining your IFTA required credentials including decals and licenses. We at IFTA, Inc. do not issue credentials. You will need to contact your base jurisdiction for any IFTA credential or IFTA tax return questions or concerns. You can find your base jurisdictions contact information by clicking on this link: Carriers



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Upcoming IFTA Events for the year 2024 and beyond. Find out what IFTA related events are happening near you and learn more about IFTA from meetings and conferences below.


AAMVA Region 4 Conference

Meeting Dates: July 23 - 25

City: Edmonton


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FTA - Motor Fuels Basic Training

Meeting Dates: July 28 - August 1

City: Green Bay


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FTA - Tobacco Uniformity

Meeting Dates: August 16-17

City: Mobile


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IFTA Industry Related Information

Biodiesel Information

Biodiesel Information about Refunds and Exemptions


IFTA Related Sites

Here you'll find links to all IFTA Jurisdictions also if they offer online tax returns.



IFTA, Inc. is proud to have the best solutions in the trucking industry sponsor our events. Below are past and present sponsors of IFTA Workshops and business meetings.



Here you can find Truck, Fuel, Vehicle and Other IFTA Exemptions for any jurisdiction that might offer exemptions for the industry.

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Carrier Information

Learn about IFTA basics and where to how to file IFTA can be found at this link with guide to help you with every steps needed.

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IFTA File Downloads

Final Tax Fuel Rates can be found here. You can also download all Tax Rates from the Tax Rate Matrix Downloads Archive.

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Rodney Richard


AR Dept. of Finance

Christie Chewning

Vice President

NC Dept. of Revenue Excise Tax

Darrin Gerry


SD Dept. of Revenue

L. Michael Romeo


CT Dept. of Revenue Services



Richard L. Reeves Leadership Award

The Richard L. Reeves Leadership Award is presented to an individual who has distinguished herself or himself by outstanding contributions and involvement within the IFTA Community.

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Charles M. Mills Award of Excellence

The Charles M. Mills Award recognizes an individual who raises the profile amongst IFTA jurisdictions regarding the need for the enforcement of the IFTA Agreement.

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  • 11/13/2023

IFTA Annual Interest Rate

US Jurisdictions Changing US Interest Rate

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  • Last Updated on:
  • 11/13/2023

IFTA Annual Interest Rate

Canadian Jurisdictions Changing Canadian Interest Rate

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  • Last Updated on:
  • 07/05/24

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Here are the latest updates added to the IFTA, Inc. website in the past 60 days.

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