Attorney Advisory Committee

Attorney Advisory Committee


"The AAC is established by the International Fuel Tax Association, Inc. (“IFTA, Inc.”) Board of Trustees (“Board”) pursuant to Article Six, Section 9 of the Bylaws of IFTA, Inc. The purpose of the AAC is to provide training for jurisdiction attorneys and to provide a forum to discuss and resolve potential areas of conflict involving legal issues. "

David Poore - Chair

BC Ministry of Finance

Sarah E. Kamhi - Vice-Chair

IN Department of Revenue

Paul Nilsen - Ex-Officio


Committee Members

Valerie Balukas

MT Department of Transportation

Michael Copeland

OK Corporation Commission

William Dowden

Comptroller of Maryland

Brian Evans

NY Dept. of Taxation and Finance

Andrew Owens

VA Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Jonathan Puryear

NC Dept. of Revenue ExciseTax Division

Andre Santerre

Revenu Quebec

Kevin Smith

CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration

France Vandenberg

ON Ministry of Finance

Next IRP/IFTA Workshop

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Previous IRP/IFTA Workshop

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November 16 - 19, 2020


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