Audit Committee

Audit Committee


"The AC is established by the IFTA Articles of Agreement pursuant to Article R1810.200.020. The purpose of the AC is to review and maintain the IFTA Audit Manual and to complete other responsibilities.

Beth Duda-Rel - Chair

AZ DOT - Audit and Analysis

Kelly Heaton - Vice-Chair

AR Motor Fuel Tax

Committee Members

Marsha Douglas Roy

Revenu QC

Joel Foreman

NE Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Regan Johnson

MB Finance - Taxation Division

Lynden Landholm

KS Dept. of Revenue

Chris Lawson

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

Betsy McCabe

NV - Department of Motor Vehicles

Bille Pierson

ID State Tax Commission

Lynn Resides

PA Dept. of Revenue

Mason Simpson


Next IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop

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Previous IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop

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February 10 & 14, 2020


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