Program Compliance Review Committee

Program Compliance Review Committee


"The PCRC is established by the IFTA Articles of Agreement pursuant to Article R1810.200.040. The PCRC is responsible for ensuring the uniformity and integrity of the program compliance review process."

Bruce Bierbaum - Chair

VT Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Steve Adamek - Vice-Chair

MA Dept. of Revenue

Clint Hester - Ex-Officio

NC DOR - Examination Division

Committee Members

Elisa Amezcua

CA Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration

Nathen Bett

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

Michelle Childs

MB Finance - Taxation Division

Paula Cole

ME Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Dawn Gunter

FL Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Heather Holloway

ID State Tax Commission

Jody Isaak

North Dakota Department of Transportation

Debbie Lopez

WY Dept. of Transportation

Laurie Mason

Service Nova Scotia

LaBrita McRae

AL Dept. of Revenue

Lacie B. Morrow


Richard Shepheard

OK Corporation Commission




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