Biodiesel Information Details

2023 Biodiesel Information


Year of Report:
1) Jurisdiction provides either a refund or an exemption, impose a tax rate different than diesel, or offer an incentive (i.e. producers' or income tax credit):
2) Jurisdiction offers a refund for tax paid on biodiesel for IFTA carriers:
Effective date of the legislation:
Brief description of the legislation:
3) Jurisdiction offers a biodiesel tax exemption for IFTA carriers:
Effective date of the legislation:
Brief description of the legislation:
Biofuels Tax Exemption Biodiesel or other biofuels produced by an individual from feedstocks grown on the individual\\\'s property and used in the individual\\\'s own vehicle are exempt from the state motor fuel excise tax. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 68-500.4 and 68-500.10)
4) Jurisdiction imposes a tax on biodiesel at a rate different than the tax imposed on diesel:
Effective date of the biodiesel tax rate:
5) Instructions for the IFTA licensees based in your jurisdiction to report biodiesel use on the IFTA return. :
6) Biodiesel incentive such as a producer's credit or an income tax credit:
Effective date of the legislation:
Type of biodiesel incentive is offered: