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Date Jurisdiction Memo Link
12/09/13 KY - Official Order Download Image
11/20/13 IL - Emergency Declaration Download Image
10/24/13 GA - 3Q2013 Incorrect Tax Rates Download Image
10/18/13 AZ - Revenue Field Auditor #3634 Download Image
10/16/13 VT - Tax Reduction Download Image
10/02/13 NE - Tax Rate Memo for Website Download Image
09/10/13 NE - Notification of Tax Rate Change for 3Q13 Download Image
09/04/13 AZ - Revenue Field Auditor #4653 Download Image
08/12/13 AZ - Program Compliance Auditor Job Description #4195 Download Image
08/12/13 AZ - Revenue Field Auditor #4189 Download Image
07/26/13 MA - Tax Rate Change Download Image
06/18/13 Xerox Client Analyst Job Description Download Image
06/17/13 MD - Motor Fuel Regulation Download Image
06/14/13 VA - Severe Weather Waiver Download Image
06/06/13 NY - Highway Use Tax Press Release Download Image
06/05/13 CA - 2Q13 Tax Rate Correction with conversion rates Download Image
06/04/13 AL - Executive Order for OK Relief Travel Download Image
05/09/13 WY - Fuel Tax Increase Memo Download Image
04/29/13 VT - Tax Increase Download Image
04/23/13 IL - Waiver of penalty and interest Download Image
04/12/13 MN - Emergency Executive Order 13-04 Download Image
03/15/13 QC - Incorrect USD-CAD Exchange Rates Download Image
03/15/13 NY - the TSB-M-13(1)M Liquefied Natural Gas Treated the Same As Compressed Natural Gas Download Image
02/28/13 GA - IFTA Decal Extension Request to Jurisdictions Download Image
02/27/13 CT - Termination of Waiver of IFTA Requirements Download Image
02/13/13 CT - Waiver of IFTA Requirements Download Image
02/06/13 VA - IFTA Notice - Virginia - Licenses Download Image
01/25/13 NH - Declaration of Emergency Waiver Download Image

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