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Date Jurisdiction Memo Link
11/26/14 LA - Letter re Oct 14 transmittal Data Download Image
11/24/14 NC - Audit Manager (JOC) Vacancy Posting Download Image
10/31/14 LA - Interest Waiver Request Download Image
10/28/14 NJ - CH Funds Netting Letter Download Image
07/09/14 MB - Flood Interest Waiver Request Download Image
06/23/14 AL - 2Q14 AL Memo on Natural Gas Suspension Download Image
06/09/14 NH - Notification of Rate Change on July 1, 2014 for Special Diesel and Biodiesel Download Image
06/09/14 ON - 2Q14 Tax Rate Correction Letter to Commissioners Download Image
04/21/14 KS - Supervisory Position Open Download Image
04/11/14 VT - Diesel Tax Rate Download Image
03/28/14 VA - HHEATT Act of 2014 Download Image
03/10/14 GA - DOR Letter to IFTA, Inc. & Commissioners Download Image
03/03/14 PA - Emergency Declaration Waiver of IFTA Requirements Download Image
03/03/14 VA - Emergency Waiver Winter Weather Download Image
02/13/14 WI - IRP-IFTA Waiver Download Image
02/13/14 MD - Winter Storm_IFTA waiver Download Image
02/13/14 VA - Hours of Service Download Image
02/12/14 PA - Waiver Extension IFTA Requirements Download Image
02/12/14 VA - VDOT Signed Waiver Severe Weather Download Image
02/07/14 PA - Emergency Declaration Temporary IFTA Waiver Download Image
02/07/14 MD - Emergency Declaration Download Image
02/03/14 MN - Quality Issues with the 2014 IFTA Decal Download Image
01/30/14 VA - Emergency Declaration Download Image
01/22/14 VA - Emergency Declaration Download Image
01/12/14 WV - Water Waiver Download Image
01/12/14 WV - Executive Order Download Image

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